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What is match?
Important dates to remember
How to rank the programs?
Tips to succeed in post match
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What is match?

The NRMP Main Match provides an impartial venue for matching applicants' preferences for residency positions with program directors' preferences for applicants. Some programs offer positions outside the match so that the applicants acquire positions even before the match. The match is the final day of fate of your goals. So be good to people and do everything good in the preceding days so that everything good happens to you. The match results can be known by checking your e-mails and also is posted on your account page of the NRMP website. Medical schools are notified of applicant Matching status. You will know whether you matched or not in the beginning and later where you matched.

Click here to register with NRMP


Important dates to remember

August 15, 2003 Applicant registration begins

December 1, 2003 Applicant registration deadline
Note: Applicants may register after this deadline by paying an additional late registration fee of $50.0

January 15, 2004 Rank order list entry begins.
Applicants and programs may start entering their rank order lists

January 30, 2004 Quota change deadline
Programs must submit final information on quotas and withdrawals

February 25, 2004 Late Registration Deadline Rank order list deadline
Rank order list entry closes and the R3 System shuts down at 11:59 pm eastern time. CERTIFIED applicant and program rank order lists and any other information pertinent to the Match must be entered in the R3 System by this date and time.

March 15, 2004 Matched and unmatched information on applicants posted to the website at 12:00 noon Eastern Time

March 16, 2004 Filled and unfilled results for individual programs posted to the website at 11:30 am eastern time.

Locations of all unfilled positions are released at 12:00 noon eastern time. Unmatched applicants may begin contacting unfilled programs at 12:00 noon eastern time.

March 18, 2004 Match results for applicants are posted to website at
1:00 pm eastern time

March 19, 2004 Hospitals send letters of appointment to matched applicants after this date.

How to rank the programs?

There are thousand views about how to rank the programs and everyone gives their own idea about ranking the programs. There is s a definite algorithm designed by NRMP which everyone should understand in order to make sure your destiny is reached. It is very important to know how to rank and how the NRMP matching works after all this decides your future.

NRMP does not run the Match algorithm only once. The NRMP continues to process and analyze the data many times over to ensure that the outcome of the Match will be identical no matter which applicant they begin processing first.

Click here to access the NRMP algorithm of ranking the programs



Scramble helps applicants in the post match process for those who are left unmatched. It has the pretty much similar interface of the ERAS but with little changes in it.

Beginning in the early fall of each year, residency training candidates undertake the challenging task of seeking the program where they will begin their residency training the following July. Concurrently, graduate medical education program directors begin to review applications and to interview and evaluate candidates for their available residency positions.


FindAResident is a powerful, web-based search tool to help you find open residency and fellowship positions. Best of all, it can put you in direct contact with the programs looking to fill these positions. It is ideal for finding unfilled positions- especially if you experienced an unsuccessful match through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) or Scramble. It is also an effective resource if you wish to change specialty, location or residency program. FindAResident is open year-round.


Tips to succeed in post match

  1. Gather your colleagues who matched so that your have adequate man power
  2. Get a copy of the unmatched programs from NRMP or our site.
  3. Make as many calls as possible using your friends
  4. Most programs wish to have your documents faxed sometimes. So have a spare fax machine as a back up
  5. If you know any friends in a program call them right away and ask them to recommend you to the program.  

Important links about match

Information on policies of NRMP


Info on how to apply for the residency

Info on how the match works click at

For information on post match scramble go to


Information about the unfilled positions after the match is available on

Match integrity @

Match Algorithm

Schedule of dates

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