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Personal Statements

Tips to write personal statements

While writing a personal statement the following questions should be addressed.

The body of the SOP should answer the following questions:

1) Why did you choose this branch of medicine? (Example: Internal medicine, Pediatrics)
2) Why should we take you? (Describing your credentials briefly)
3) What are you looking for in a program?
4) Conclusion
For info on ERAS advice on personal statements please go to
Sample Internal Medicine
Sample Pediatrics
Sample Emergency Medicine
Sample Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sample Surgery
Sample Preliminary Medicine

Want help with personal statement

Writing a personal statement is not your problem anymore. We'll take it from you. SOP makes an important part of the application. SOP boosts your application status. People with low scores can get better interview calls if their SOP are better and people with high scores can loose invitations for the interview calls with a bad SOP. Spend just half hour giving us the vital information and relax. Your SOP will be ready in four working days. SOP should be unique. Now days the program have a software to detect the copied SOP from internet.

If you would like us to write an SOP for you we can do it at a very minimal cost. Give us some info and just relax. If you wish to have a personal statement written

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