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Curriculum vitae

The typical formats of a CV are many types. But a standard CV format is

Telephone and other contact numbers (fax, e-mail).
Marital status
Educational Background
In the Chronological order of all the degrees obtained. Include
  1. name of the degree
  2. dates you attained
  3. organization
  4. grades if any
  5. brief description of your performance or degree especially the highlights
Employment Experience
List all the related employment in order of importance. You can also mention a little about your other unrelated employments like experience in computer basics like Microsoft excel biostatistics etc…

Start with your current employment

The details should include

  1. Dates of your employment
  2. Your job title
  3. Your employer's name and address
  4. Duties, successes and achievements, research interests, committee assignments
Stress more on your successes that your employer would be interested
Honors and Awards
Mention also about your leadership qualities like you were the class representative or anything similar to that.

Community service
Sample CV
Samindla, Kiran
3902 City Avenue, Apt B 1202

PA 19131
Medical Education
Osmania Medical College
10/1994 – 12/2000
M.B.B.S, 07/2001
Graduate Education
University Of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, TX USA
Community Health
01 / 2002 -
Medical School Honors/Award(s)
  1. I received the Best Freshman Award in 1994 when I joined the medical school
  2. I secured First Class in Pharmacology.
09 / 2001 - 11 / 2001
Osmania General Hospital, A.P INDIA
Junior Resident

I worked in the Department of emergency medicine from September to November 2001.During the three-month period I acquired hands-on patient care experience. I worked in the Emergency Room, Acute Medical Care and Intermediate Medical Care. I got to do all common procedures like, Pleurocentesis, lumbar puncture and so forth. During this period I gained the confidence that I can handle toughest of critical cases

03 / 2001 - 06 / 2001
Rural Health Center, Patancheru, A.P. INDIA
Duty Medical officer

I worked in the Government Hospital of Patancheru for a period of four months in the Department of Medicine. This hospital is affiliated to Osmania Medical College. I acquired skills of clinical management while working in a primary care setting. There were Grand Rounds on every Friday. During this session I got to learn more about case management. This work experience gave me added confidence that I can also manage cases in primary care setting with limited resources.

Volunteer Experience

12 / 1999 - 12 / 2000
National Aids Control Organization (NACO)

On the event of World AIDS Day held on the 1st of December, I participated in the free HIV screening camp conducted in the out patient block of Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. We had to visit the slums and educate people about various modes of HIV infection, clinical symptoms, HIV Screening and the preventive measures.

05 / 1999 - 06 / 1999
State Government of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh took an initiative to educate people about the effects of smoking on the eve of World no Tobacco Day (May 31) in 1999.We worked together with the college staff in counseling the people about the ill effects caused by oral and inhaled tobacco. My job was to instruct people at public places like bus stops, amusement parks etc..

12 / 1996 - 01 / 2000
Pulse Polio Immunization program (PPI)

The Pulse Polio Immunization program was launched in 1995 as a measure to eradicate Polio by the year 2000.It was conducted twice a year in the months of December and January. My job as a volunteer was to vaccinate children who came to the Immunization station. I also had to educate the mothers about the routine Immunization schedule and child feeding practices

USMLE Step 1 Passed 07 / 2002
USMLE Step 2 Passed 04 / 2002
ECFMG - TOEFL Passed 07/2002
Clinical Skills Assessment Passed 11/2002
Language Fluency (Other than English)
I plan to learn Spanish so that I would be able to communicate with patients who can speak only Spanish
Other Awards/Accomplishments

I was the captain of the school's volleyball team and won the first place in Interschool competition consecutively for three years. I won the distinguished Cadet Award from the National Army for undergoing the National Cadet Corps Training

Hobbies & Interests
I love playing volleyball, watching movies and traveling stood as a captain of the schools volleyball team. 
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