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Personal statements
Residency programs receive hundreds of applications each year for a very limited number of positions. You need to explain why they should take you as a part of their program. You need to effectively tell programs what your specialty choice is, and why you chose that field. Residency Programs have a wide range of requirements for personal statement length and content. You will need to obtain program specific information, such as this, directly from each residency program. SOP should be restricted to a maximum of one and half a page.

Thank You letters
Thank you letters are an important way of following the program with your wishes to work in the program. This cements your impression or your picture in the program directors mind. Ands because of everyone might send a Thank you letter you would be the goat if you don't send it. Thank you letters convey good wishes to the program and thank them for giving an opportunity to interview at their hospital.

Curriculum vitae

CV is the fastest way of getting an overall impression about your application. It can build or break your impression. First impression is always the best impression. But ERAS generates a CV for you based on the information provided for application. There is no need to make a CV. There is no provision to create and submit a CV in ERAS. But if you are interested in creating curriculum vitae here are some of the suggestions that help you make an excellent CV.

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