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Getting into residency is the dream of every medical student. You will here surf through some of the vital information required for the future residents. As you scroll down learn about ERAS, NRMP, FREIDA, FIND A RESIDENT and Interviews.

How to apply

Apply through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Services). Begin with purchasing a token from www.nbme.org. International medical graduates purchase from www.ecfmg.org (Token is a number used to register with the ERAS).

You will then have to register at https://services.aamc.org/eras/myeras.
Enter your token number correctly. No mistakes please.

Once you are registered at the ERAS, fill up the profile and common application. Profile should always be updated as the program directors try to contact you looking at the profile. Common Application Form can be submitted only once and cannot be corrected once submitted. It is a one way route. So be careful and check repeatedly before submitting the application. If you have any questions regarding the common application form just e-mail us at helpme@goresidency.com. We are here to help you.

After you submit the common application form select the programs by clicking on the" my programs ". After selection hit on apply for selected programs which will take you to the payment area where you can apply after giving your credit/debit card information. It's the easiest part. You can apply for like 100 programs in just minutes. I think that cool!

For step by step in the process of applying for residency click here

Any doubts about ERAS find solutions at

Contact info about ERAS is available at

Time line of ERAS for 2004 is available at

Info about billing at

If wish to send by check the address is

ATTN Accounting Department
2450 N Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037

Make sure your name and AAMC ID are clearly written on the payment.

If you have problems logging on to MyERAS or completing the payment process online, or if you have a question about the ERAS Program Fees, you need to contact myeras@aamc.org

If you have technical problems online at the NRMP, you need to send your request for help to nrmp@aamc.org

Universal application for residency? Search in google

Information about LOR

If you already have the LoR , make a sharp photocopy, discard the Request Letter ( there is a letter in My Documents column of ERAS adjacent to Letter of Recommendation) , affix the Document ID sticker ( the stickers that have been sent to you after you purchased the token. It has stickers for Dean's letter, Recommendation letter, Transcript. Document identification stickers are sent to you with the ERAS 2003 Applicant Manual .) in the upper half of the LoR and mail a copy of the LoR to ECFMG. Keep the original for your files. If you donot get the stickers in time you may send it to the ERAS writing. What is it? (Recommendation letter, Transcript, LOR, Dean's letter)

And For whom is it (Your name and USMLE Identification number)

If you still need to request the LoR , send both the Request Letter and the corresponding Document ID sticker to the letter writer. He/she can then mail the LoR with the sticker either to you or to ECFMG, depending on whether you waived your right to see the LoR.

Provide a link of the address to which documents must be sent above also

You may send as many Letters of Recommendation as you need, as long as each letter writer writes only one LoR . ERAS will not handle multiple letters from one writer! Additionally, My ERAS will not let you assign more than four (4) LoRs to any one program.

If the writer agrees, have the LoRs sent to you, so that you can keep the original and send ERAS a sharp photocopy. That way you will also be able to fax the LoR to some programs during the post-Match Scramble

ERAS cannot verify whether the document came from you, the writer or from your medical school directly. It is also assumed that the document is a copy, rather than an original. Once a document has been scanned, it cannot be determined whether we scanned an original or a good copy. So it is better to send a sharp photocopy than the original. But again it is again your decision.

For instructions on obtaining a California letter reach www.medbd.ca.gov. You may also request their application packet by e-mail from webmaster@medbd.ca.gov. Then you must list the letter as one of your Letters of Recommendation and enter "California Letter" instead of the name of the recommender . As a result, you can assign to any program located in California only three Letters of Recommendation plus the "California Letter."

Curriculum vitae of the applicants

My ERAS and the Program Director's Workstation will create a C.V from the information you provide in the Common Application Form (CAF). So no need to send a CV

You can sign up for the Match at the

Complete schedule of Residency Match at

For details of the ERAS Processing Fees, please go to

Please send your documents to:



ECFMG - ERAS Documents
P.O. Box 11746
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1746


ECFMG - ERAS Documents
3624 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685

Fax number is 215-222-5641

AMG .......

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