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Sample test gives you an idea about the standard of the questions. It will help you decide to go or not to go for it. We advise that you take a look at the sample test. It is very simple. Register and take the sample block for free.

Why should you take the simulated exam?
      We have solid reasons to answer all your IF's, BUT's and Why's. You know that you cannot retake the USMLE exam for 7 years if you have got passing scores. Just passing scores will not take you to a premier institute. Programs prefer candidates who have passed the USMLE in the first attempt. You cannot afford to fail the exam. The situation is simple. You need to take the exam only once and get best result.
      -This simulated test is similar in every aspect to the original USMLE exam including the demonstration session before the exam. This will warm you up for the exam and give you an idea on how to utilize the break time and help you organize your time. Many people can answer any question if given ample time. But it is the fittest who can answer the questions in time. So our idea is to make you ' The Fittest'. -We are constantly working with the questions and designing newer questions in an attempt to go parallel with the requirements for success in USMLE.
-Quality questions
-You get a percentile estimate and also a graphical analysis on how you performed in each subject comparing you with all the students who take the exam. This will help you analyze the situation and give you the extra edge at the final exam
Click here to take the Sample Test
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